10 Reason For Dry And Dark Lips With Recommendations

10 Reason For Dry And Dark Lips With Recommendations

Did you know?

Like skin colour lip colour also varies from person to person.

Do you have dark lips and worrying about the cause of dark lips and tips to overcome dark lips?

Keep reading to understand the reason for a dark lip and effective tips to overcome dark lips.

Causes of dark lips :

  • Hyperpigmentation :

Melanin gives colours to the lip. The dark lip may be because of excessive lips or hyperpigmentation. Sunlight can provide melanin which makes the lips dark. Lakshmi Krishna naturals produce Cranberry juicy lip balm to treat dry and tanned lips.

  • Smoking :

Each time your intaking nicotine you burn the skin of your lips. You can hide this by applying some lipstick but lipstick can’t be removed from dark lips permanently.

  • Caffeines:

Drinking hot beverages provides you with good health. But it may affect dark lips. The hot flavour of coffee makes your lips dark. Drink a lot of water every day to avoid dark lips of caffeine.

  • Dryness :

Your lip skin tends to lose moisture faster due to climate change, pollution and harsh sun rays. Dry and cracked lips create dead skin which makes your skin dark. To overcome this problem Lakshmi Krishna Naturals introduced Lavender lip balm which hydrates your skin.

  • Lipstick :

Many lipsticks have chemical compounds which may affect your lip and make your lip darker. Lakshmi Krishna Naturals introduces homemade Light pink lipstick that helps you to avoid this kind of problem.

  • Hot water :

Lip skin is thinner than any other skin. Washing the face in hot water can make your lip dry. It will take off oil from your lip skin. Dried lip produces dead skin which makes your lip skin darker.

  • Low water intake :

If you don’t drink enough water this will make your lip skin dry. Dried lips make your skin darker. It is suggested to drink enough water daily.

  • Licking the lip :

Your saliva has enzymes to digest your food. When you keep on licking your Lips the enzymes in your saliva will break your lip skin and make it dry. To overcome avoid licking the lips.

  • Too much intake of iron :

People who have a hereditary condition called hemochromatosis absorb too much from the food. Too much iron in the body makes the skin colour darker. In that case, the doctor’s suggestion is to donate blood on regular basis.

  • Thyroid hormone :

High or low thyroid hormone levels in the body can make your skin darker. Contact the doctor for treatment.

Nothing to worry about dark skin lip. Follow the above recommendations to control dark skin on your lips.

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