Take lots of protein and vitamin foods. most protein include; broccoli,spinach,Eggs.Almonds. Chicken high protein foods. Carrots. Sweet Potatoes.Apple.Banana.Carrots are Rich vitamin A foods. If these does not follow the foods use our product Rejuvita powder it is a vitamin power. will increase our body vitamin immunity power and use also 32 herbs oil,split ends kit in your hair use regularly....


  • Hair damage is the most common cause of split ends, and the more damage you have, the more split ends you\\\'ll have. Fraying and split ends are caused by daily wear and strain. Break ends are most noticeable at the ends of the hair, but they can also happen in the middle or top of the strand,
  • Another reason is if there is no vitamin and protein in our hair.
  • Using rubber bands for your ponytails.
  • Heat-Styling.
  • Chemical and Color Treatments.
  • Overwashing.
  • Over cleansing
  • Towel-Drying
  • Summer
  • Cold winter

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Hair Protein Mask

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