Aloevera facepack


Alovevera facepack – 50g

Charcoal Peel off mask


INGREDIENTS : Apricot kernel meal, Licorice, Kaolin clay, Rice flour, Essential oils, Pure aloe vera extracts, Pure activated charcoal BENEFITS : Tired of your lifeless acne-prone skin? Looking for something that is more gentle and removes the dark spots and acne marks? Charcoal face mask comes as a rescue for troubled skin and this is …
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Clay Whitening Mask


INGREDIENTS : Pure saffron, Coconut oil, Rosehip oil, Almond oil, Aloe vera extracts, Extra virgin olive oil, Lavender bud extracts, Various Essential oils, French clay SKIN TYPE  : All skin types BENEFITS : Unclog Pores – Clay masks are an incredible remedy for oily and acne prone skin. A clay mask works kind of like an adhesive for …
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Coffee glow Mask


BENEFITS : It’s a rich source of antioxidants. Loading up skin with the antioxidants in coffee protects it and bolsters its natural defense. In fact, a study showed that coffee bean extracts can be responsible for skin cell energy preservation due to its free-radical properties.” It protects against harsh sun rays : UV is a …
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Dead sea mud mask


INGREDIENTS :  Castor oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Avacado extracts, Dead sea mud, Olive oil SKIN TYPE : All skin types . QUANTITY : 50 g BENEFITS :  Mud masks can work to remove impurities and dead skin on your body. An added benefit of Dead Sea mud is that the salt and magnesium in it can improve your …
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Face Whitening pack


Face whitening pack – 50gm

Facial hair prevention powder


Facial Hair prevention Powder – 40gm

Haldhi chandan pack


Hathi chandan pack – 50g

peppermint peel of mask


BENEFITS : Peppermint peel of contains menthol which generates a cooling sensation when it comes in contact with skin mask (hence the cooling sensation when you apply the Revitalizing mask). This nourishes, energizes and brightens dull and tired skin, while controlling sebum secretion and preventing clogging of pores . INGREDIENTS : Apricot kernel meal, Licorice, …
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Peppermint scrub

250.00 200.00

Peppermint scrub – 50g

Radiant Glow Pack


INGREDIENTS : Rose petals, Potato powder, Avarampoo powder, Calendula oil, Carrot seed oil, Neem powder , Basil powder , Almond powder . BENEFITS : The blend of all the natural ingredients in this pack contains numerous health and skin care benefits. It helps in the treatment of scars, pimple, dark spots, skin aging and maintain …
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