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  • Why Face wash?

A face wash can remove dirt and oil from pores, preventing acne from the face which is the most delicate part exposed to heat and winter. To keep up skin complexion, and keep away from face skin damage due to pollution, face wash plays a vital role in elevating the freshness, and relishing our face skin throughout the day. It can also assist in the breakdown of makeup and other cosmetics that, if left on the skin, can cause breakouts. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial ingredients in face washes may also help to reduce inflammation and fight acne-causing bacteria.

Facial skin problems vary from varying causes and require effective treatment of the skin. Sebaceous glands are positioned under the exterior skin surface, responsible for secreting sebum that keeps skin lithe. The sebum secretion via tiny pores keeps our skin intact & healthy. Often the porous path gets gridlocked due to the thickening of the skin, and dead cells gather sebum instead of getting removed, blocking the pores and leading to Acne and other facial skin damage. Thus, face wash tapers them as a remedy.

Acné is the most common skin care problem, with millions of people experiencing breakouts each year. Cleaning the face with an acne face wash is a necessary treatment that removes dirt, oil, dust, and bacteria that can cause skin breakouts. This Anti-Acne Face Wash is available on our Lakshmi Krishna Naturals website.


  • Increases cell turnover, removes the clogged pores from a mixture of excess oil, and dead skin, cleanses the face and hydrates the skin.
  • This daily acne face wash also rinses clean without over-drying or irritating the skin, assisting in the unclogging of pores and the treatment of acne before it appears.
  • It is suitable for all skin types but works best particularly for normal to dry skin.
  • LKN face washes clean the skin without removing its natural oils.
  • Our face wash effectively removes makeup from the skin. It cleans the face and removes dirt, dust, oil, and germs that can cause acne, marks, and pimples. It also aids in maintaining the skin’s pH balance by easily absorbing all impurities on the face.
  • The face wash is designed to treat acne-prone skin by removing excessive secretion of oil, and other impurities, and treat face skin breakouts.
  • It can help clear up existing acne scars while also preventing new ones from forming.
  • Neem Extracts purify the skin by removing dirt and other impurities that clog skin pores. It keeps acne and pimples away.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to relieve skin conditions and reverse aging process. Lavender oil kills bacteria, which aids in the prevention and healing of acne breakouts.

Teatree Oil: Tea tree has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective and widely used treatment for blemishes. The main playmaker here is tea tree oil incredible than any other potent actives to exfoliate the skin as well as antioxidant-rich staples for a calming experience.

Sandal Oil: Sandalwood oil has antimicrobial properties that make it an effective herbal antiseptic. For centuries, Sandalwood has proved to be effective against acne. Sandalwood in the form of oil, powder, and paste has been used for various skin treatments however, Sandal Oil is preferable specifically for Acne removal.

Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose: It works as a binder, an emulsion stabilizer, a film former, and a viscosity-increasing agent. It is safe to use and improves the formulation's overall performance.

Neem Extract: Neem is Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial, and it boosts the immune system in our body thus, protects our face and skin against acne-causing bacteria. Propylene Glycol: It acts as a moisturizer for your skin and aids in the absorption of potent ingredients.

Coco Glucoside: Aids in enhancing applied product cleansing abilities from the face. As a surfactant, coco-glucoside aids in the removal of dirt and oil from the skin.

Thulasi / Tulsi Extract: Tulsi leaves are proven ingredients for their Anti-bacterial and Anti-oxidant properties. Furthermore, tulsi leaves contain an abundant source of vitamin K which help in nourishing the skin and potent extract function for anti-ageing.

Our products are not tested on animals and its safe to use on all skin types. Before applying take a small trail use on the product.

For best results, use this LKN Anti Acne face wash twice daily.

Tea tree oil and other ingredients help to reduce and prevent acne and pimples by controlling excess oil secretion.

Spot treatment with LKN anti-acne is very effective in healing and fading acne scars.

Yes, LKN products are suitable for sensitive skin because they are made with natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals.

29 reviews for Anti-Acne Face Wash

  1. sridhar

    amazing face wash. removes all types of dirt

  2. dhanush

    best working face wash removed pimples and dark circles in 3 months itself

  3. selva

    i got a glowing face after using this natural face wash

  4. kavitha

    wonderful product. best soap at reasonable cost

  5. madhan

    got this wonderful face wash online from this website. best to use and cheap also

  6. maari

    good product with accurate price range. gives clear tone to skin

  7. raj kumar

    this anti acne face wash save my face from hot sun rays and keeps cool

  8. apsara

    nice face wash for face becomes oil free after using this wonderful anti acne face wash

  9. geetha

    getting a oil free skin tone after using the anti acne face wash for 12 weeks.

  10. kumar

    i started using this anti acne fash wash avoiding regular face wash due to its chemical free and product quality

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