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Lakshmi Krishna naturals offer 100% natural, safe, and chemical-free kajal online for newborn babies, toddlers, and children. Our Kajal is made to the highest quality standards and is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Given that it is constructed of herbal elements that nourish your child’s eyes and have a cooling effect, it is the best kajal for babies. This unique combination of natural herbs has a calming effect on the eyes. This contains substances that have been known to be good for the eyes. Instead of utilizing chemical-based treatments that solely have aesthetic benefits, this kajal’s contents are fully safe, good for your eyes, and suitable for use by people of all ages.

All natural ingredients in LKN Baby Kajal include Castor Oil, Sandalwood, Ghee, and Aloe vera. It is a well-balanced product with an all-natural blend of organic ingredients that nourishes your baby’s eyes.

Your baby’s delicate eyes are kept cool and moisturized all day long by the natural ingredients. Our natural infant kajal aids in keeping your child’s eyes clear and cool. It bolsters the eyes and enhances vision. The organic baby kajal is water and other liquid resistant thanks to a unique natural blend created by LKN, ensuring that the baby receives long-lasting hydration and effects. Our kajal for baby eyes maintains the eyes clear and improves the infant’s beauty and appearance.

Organic kajal is now available in many beauty stores. When purchasing kajal from an online organic shop, check the ingredients to ensure that it is free of all types of chemicals.

Aside from these obvious advantages, purchasing cosmetics online is preferred because you can read reviews and ratings to determine the effectiveness of the products.

Almond oil nourishes your skin. It is also an anti-aging ingredient.

Pure camphor keeps the eyes hydrated and cool by retaining the moisture.

Free from harmful and hidden chemicals unlike commercial kajals.

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Sandalwood powder: Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, as well as cooling properties.

Ghee: Ghee is another ingredient used in the preparation of kajal. Ghee keeps dark circles at bay by relaxing them. It cleans the eyes of salt deposits from tears and removes minute makeup residue trapped under the upper and lower eyelids. Thus, using kajal keeps the eyes clean and free of infections.

Castor oil: Ayurvedic kajal made of pure castor oil is said to be very healthy for the eyes because it is high in Vitamin E. Castor oil is the richest source of vitamin E. It helps to heal the eyes and makes the eyelashes thicker and darker. One of the primary advantages of organic kajal is that it relieves eye strain. It helps to relieve eye fatigue and keeps the eyes healthy.

Aloe vera extracts: The aloe vera gel in the kajal will help to reduce the appearance of redness and puffiness in your eyes. Then repair and moisturise the skin.

For all skin types
Our products are completely free from sulphate and paraben. They are not tested on animals and are suitable for all skin types. Patch test recommended.

Because organic kajal for babies is made from all-natural ingredients, this kajal nourishes your baby's eyes. This kajal is waterproof and smudge-proof. This natural formula contains no harmful chemicals.

For example, all beauty products should be fragrance-free, regardless of whether the fragrance is natural or synthetic. In fact, fragrant essential oils are among the most irritating ingredients used by "natural" beauty companies.

31 reviews for Baby kajal

  1. vijay

    Wonderful and easy to use this organic baby kajal

  2. nelson

    Appropriate solution for natural eye kajal

  3. palani

    good baby kajal for all types of skin

  4. susila

    Baby kajal is the best working natural product for my skin

  5. kavin

    chemical free eye kajal for baby keeps eyes hydrated

  6. john

    wonderful baby kajal that i have ever bought

  7. balaji

    great baby kajal product from lakshmi krishna naturals

  8. kumaresan

    great organic baby kajal product from lakshmi krishna naturals

  9. vikram

    This baby kajal is free from side effects for all kinds of skin

  10. george

    comfortable baby kajal form online.

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