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1 ) Moisturizes Dry Skin. Treats Acne And Blemishes.
2 ) Reduces Skin Inflammation
3 ) Anti-Aging And Anti-Free Radical Agent. Provides Relief To Itchy And Peeling Skin.
4 ) Restores The Elasticity Of The Skin. Reduce Razor Irritation And Bumps
All Skin Types

wheatgerm oil

roseship oil

almond oil,

olive oil

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Step 1 : After a good cleansing and toning process, look at your skin for the dry to normal to oily areas.

Step 2 : Take a pea size day cream or how much you usually need.

Step 3 : Rub between the hands and apply to the face by massaging in circular motion.

Step 4 : Apply around the neck in upward direction.

Shea butter,, chamoli oil, , wheatgerm oil,, roseship oil, , almond oil,, olive oil,

Our Day Beauty Cream paraben and sulphate free. They are not tested on animals and is suitable for all skin types. Patch test recommended.

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