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  • Are you suffering from Hair fall?
  • Do you want to have soft and shiny hair?
  • And do you want to improve your hair health?

If the answer to all those is yes then we have the perfect solution for you.

What if we tell you that you can not only reduce hair fall but at the same time you can also get soft and shiny hair?

Plus, you get to improve your hair health as a bonus.

Lakshmi Krishna’s Keratin & Onion Hair Conditioner helps to reduce hair fall. And not only that, it keeps your hair healthy and shiny. The onion will also ensure that you have healthy and shiny hair. So go ahead and buy this Keratin Enriched Onion Hair Conditioner from our Lakshmi Krishna Naturals website right away.

Moreover, this conditioner also has Onion extracts which promote collagen production. In addition, it can also prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. Besides this conditioner also has Keratin extracts which make your hair smooth and shiny. And Keratin is a much-needed protein for maintaining hair health. Keratin is beneficial not only to your hair but also to the skin.


  • Firstly, it contains Keratin an essential protein that can prevent hair loss and is important for hair health.
  • Secondly, Keratin can also make your hair smooth and shiny.
  • In addition, Keratin promotes new hair growth and is also beneficial to the skin and scalp.
  • Besides, this conditioner also has Bhringraj extracts which provide nourishment to the hair.
  • And Bhringraj can also treat dandruff and prevents premature baldness.
  • Similarly, Bhringraj promotes hair growth and can prevent hair fall very effectively.
  • Other than that, it also increases blood flow to your head and scalp.
  • Moreover, this conditioner also has Olive oil which helps moisturize your hair.
  • And, Olive oil makes your hair strong and improves its overall density and volume.
  • Above all, Olive oil is a potent antioxidant and can protect your hair from damage.

Other than Olive oil, this conditioner also has Onion Extract which promotes collagen production.

Bhringraj Extracts: Firstly, Bhringraj promotes hair growth and provides nourishment to your hair. In addition, it can prevent and treat dandruff and can also prevent baldness. Other than that, it can also prevent premature greying and hair fall effectively. Above all, it improves blood circulation to your head and scalp.

Onion Extracts: Onion boosts new hair growth by improving collagen production and can repair damaged hair. In addition, it moisturizes your hair and is very good for people with an itchy scalp. Other than that, onion helps strengthen your hair and avoid hair loss.

Olive oil: Olive oil moisturizes your hair and gives it a nice shiny look. Besides, Olive oil has anti-oxidant properties and can protect your hair from damage. And, Olive oil makes your hair strong and improves its overall density and volume.

Rice water: Rice water makes your hair smooth and tangle-free. And it helps your hair grow thick and long. Besides, Rice water stimulates new healthy hair growth.

Our products are not tested on animals and its safe to use on all hair types. Before applying take a small trail use on the product.

Yes, it has several natural ingredients like Bhringraj and Onion that specialize in promoting new hair growth.

Let it remain on your hair for at least a minute after shampoo and then you can wash it off. If you feel any discomfort keeping it that long, wash it off after a few seconds.

Apply it right after you wash off shampoo on your hair and gently give your head a massage and make sure you apply it deep on the roots. And wash off after a minute.

You can expect quick results from this conditioner. And generally, your hair will improve greatly within just 4-6 weeks of regular usage.

20 reviews for Keratin Enriched Onion Hair Conditioner

  1. gopal

    keratin used in this oil gave my hair an immense strength along with growth

  2. vinay

    best hair conditioner for men

  3. sandhya

    amazing hair conditioner for women made with onions

  4. ramya

    nice onion hair conditioner. much better than normal hair conditioners

  5. Rishi

    I will give 10/10 for this wonderful organic hair care conditioner

  6. ajay

    worth product for money. must try this out once if you want to protect your hair texture

  7. prabhu

    really a protein rich hair care conditioner.onion conditioner gave its best to save my hair growth

  8. akilesh

    keratin based onion hair conditioner is the best hair care solution for my hair problems. credits goes to this company

  9. sathyaraj

    amazing hair conditioner.

  10. kumar

    i used to apply this conditioner every week which gradually strengthened my hair

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