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Lakshmi Krishna Natural’s pimple removal gel is a complete cure for acne. It has neem and turmeric, which helps to heal pimples, acne, blackheads and reduce scars and dark spots. Neem and turmeric reduce inflammation with the help of their anti-bacterial properties

Pimple gel rich in neem and turmeric provide hydration to your skin.

Pimple removal gel reduces inflammation and soothes helps reduce pimples.

Pimple removal gel combination also helps you in reducing any new pimples to be formed and helps you to get clear skin.

Results of Pimple Gel

Neem oil

avocado oil

turmeric oil

Aloe Vera

Our gels (Pimple Gel) are paraben and sulphate free. They are not tested on animals and is suitable for all skin types. Patch test recommended.


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