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Is there anything better than a delicate organic soap? We have a perfect quality organic rice goat milk soap in India, made with 100% pure organic goat milk. Our Lakshmi Krishna Naturals online store has all the ingredients you need to get the best organic goat milk soap in India. We offer all the ingredients you need to get the most delicate organic goat milk soap from start to finish.

Switch to an all-natural LKN (best organic online store in India) rice goat milk soap in India bar with virgin olive oil, rice flour, and coconut oil to protect your skin from contaminants. Your skin will relish the expertly designed soap that is made in India with just natural ingredients, namely rice flour powder, vitamins, minerals, coconut & olive oil. Your skin will feel rejuvenated after applying these essential oils. In addition to hydrating your skin, Rice Goat Milk Soap wipes out skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and all skin sensitivities. The natural enzyme found in rice also acts as a skin moisturizer for removing blemishes and dead skin.

A lightening soap that instantly provides an even complexion. Rice goat milk soap can preserve skin and amicably contribute as an all-natural replacement for body wash, face wash, shampoo, bubble bath, and shaving cream. The soap seals in moisture and stops excess oil production serves as a toner and helps to tighten skin.

Rice Flour: Rice flour is beneficial for dull, greasy, or acne-prone skin because it has natural anti-aging and oil-absorbing properties.

Farm fresh goat milk: The high-fat content in goat milk soap, especially caprylic acid, enables gentle dirt and debris removal without destroying the skin's natural fatty acids. Fatty acids and cholesterol, which make up a sizable percentage of the skin membrane, are abundant in goat milk. This rice goat milk soap prevents dryness and supplies after using this rice goat milk soap. Additionally, vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin with anti-aging characteristics, is a rich source of calcium in milk.

Extra virgin olive oil: Olive oil is nutritious and deeply penetrates the skin for optimal hydration without blocking pores. Olive oil is a powerful anti-ager because it contains polyphenols and oleic acid, which help to enhance skin tone and texture and fight the effects of ageing.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil nourishes the skin with a layer of hydrating protection. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and contains beneficial saturated fats, vitamins like vitamin E, amino acids, lauric acid, and caprylic acid, as well as healthy saturated fats. Your skin will feel clean and nourished after using a rich lather made with organic components.

Our soaps are paraben and sulphate free. They are not tested on animals and is suitable for all skin types. Patch test recommended

Goat milk naturally has the capacity to hydrate, nourish, and keep its goodness on your skin. Our bodies benefit from milk's high protein, vitamin, and mineral content both internally and externally. Want to learn more about our natural soaps? periodically and check out our website for further details. Alternately, shop at our online organic store.

Yes, our soap has the finest lather of any best goat milk soap in India. It has tested the proposition of natural ingredients, including bubbles, foam, texture, moisturising, and cleansing abilities, and is reviewed as an enriching soap.

31 reviews for Rice Goat Milk Soap

  1. raju

    works good on my skin burn. fine goat milk soap

  2. gerald

    Rice Goat Milk Soap is one of the unique product for skin care

  3. guru prasad

    skin brightness has improved after using rice goat milk soap

  4. guru

    satisfied with the performance of this Rice Goat Milk Soap

  5. harish

    affordable Rice Goat Milk Soap for regular skin tones

  6. george

    best herbal rice goat milk soap for all kinds of skin

  7. prashanth

    goat milk soap is an affordable skin tone solution

  8. thirukumaran

    quality of this Rice Goat Milk Soap is very good for my skin type

  9. hari

    This rice goat milk soap works better than any other usual soaps for my skin

  10. balaji

    such an inspiring rice goat milk soap from lakshmi krishna naturals delivered my good outcomes

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