Rich bone tone calcium powder(1kg)

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Builds up the bone strength and prevents the bone from sheedling.

Prevents and builds up a immunity barrier that acts as a natural defense for the diseases or any foreign agent that affects the immune system of the body.

Maintains the ideal body mass index.

Keep you active throughout the day.

Ideal for bone strength

Bamboo rice

Jack fruit seeds

Horse gram

cow peas

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Step 1 : Mix two table spoon of the health mix with milk or water, add one teaspoon of honey and drink it in the morning.

1.  Bamboo rice 2. Sprouted Kodo millet 3. sprouted Foxtail millet 4. Sprouted Little millet 5. Sprouted Burnyard millet 6. Sprouted Prospect millet 7. Sprouted Foxtail millet 8. Country Pearl millet 9. Red great Sorgham 10. Sprouted Sorgham 11. Jack fruit seeds 12. Horse gram 13. country Beans 14. Cow Peas 15. Samba Wheat 16. Sprouted Green Gram 17. Roasted Gram 18. Red Kidney Beans 19. Sprouted Chick Peas 20. Red Gram 21. Peanuts 22. Cotton seeds 23. White Gingeli 24. Barely 25. Green Peas 26. Sprouted Black gram 27. Bread Beans 28. Corn 29. Sprouted Red Sorgham 30. Fenugreek 31. Black Kavuni Rice 32. Handpounded Rice 33. Mappillai Samba Flakes 34. Pista 35. Cashew,

Our health care products are completely homemade with natural cereals and millets. However we do not recommend it for pregnant women and people with other health concerns as the natural ingredients may induce heat in the body. Ask our experts how to consume after purchase for better results.

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