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We take immense pleasure in lauanching our dream product “Sanjeevamirtha“ - your complete iron, vitamin and wellness supplement, with the handmade goodness of dried paneer grapes, farm fresh dates, karunjeeragam, drumstick leaves, neem leaves, flax seed, sabja seed, dry fig, sesame oil and black cardomom.

• HELD YOUR IRON HEALTH WITH A FAST ACTING BONE STRENGTH - Great for building up the bone strength, specially formulated for those who suffer less iron content or suffer from anaemia.

• TAKES CARE OF YOUR HEMOGLOBINE - Helps to improve the overall RCB content in your body suitable for men and women to maintain a healthy living lifestyle.

• LESS FATIGUE, MORE ENERGY AND REJUVENATION - Sanjeevamirtha maintains the optimal iron levels critical for energy & Cognitive Function, Strong Immune System, Reproductive Health and Red Blood Cell formation as the complete blood builder as it enormously improves your skin texture and collagen content for a beautiful glowing skin.

To maintain ideal body health

Farm fresh dates

Neem leaves

Flax seed


Sabja seeds

Dry fig

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Step 1 : Take two spoons and mix with required amount of milk according to your convenience.

Step 2 : Consume it in empty stomach everyday in the morning.

Dried paneer grapes, Farm fresh dates, karunjeeragam, Drumstick leaves, Neem leaves, Flax seed, Sabja seed, Dry fig, Sesame oil and black cardomom. ,

Our health care products are completely homemade with natural cereals and millets. However we do not recommend it for pregnant women and people with other health concerns as the natural ingredients may induce heat in the body. Ask our experts how to consume after purchase for better results.

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