Reasons why protein is good for weight loss

Reasons why protein is good for weight loss

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Most important signals like when and how much to eat are determined by the brain, particularly an area called the hypothalamus.

Higher protein intake increases satiety hormone level which is responsible for reducing appetite and make you to eat lower calories automatically.

Eating breakfast with more protein can help you in reducing belly fat. Protein speed up your metabolism which helps you to burn more calories.

It is important to eat breakfast regularly as it helps you to reduce your weight loss. A protein-rich breakfast like egg, fish, milk, seafood, meat, nuts, and seeds promotes weight loss.

Here are reasons why protein is good for weight loss:

  1. Digestion and metabolism: some calories are used for digesting and metabolizing the food. This process is called thermic effect of food. Protein has more thermic effect of foods compared to carbs. 20 – 30% of protein calories are burned while digesting and metabolising the protein.
  2. Reduce craving: Biggest problem for people is cravings. Are you the one among people who wanted to reduce cravings at night? As protein increases satiety hormone level, will decrease cravings by 60% and reduce the desire for late night snacks.
  3. Increase muscle mass : When you lose weight you lose muscle mass which leads to decrease in metabolism. Decrease in metabolism increase more calories. Protein is building block of muscle. So, it is important to intake enough protein to maintain muscle mass
  4. Makes you feel fuller: Protein makes you feel more full for longer period and tends to eat few calories.

How to get protein:  

Lakshmi Krishna Naturals weight loss powder: Lakshmi Krishna naturals weight loss powder has Bamboo rice, Wheat flakes, Dates, almond. Bamboo rice were rich in protein compared to rice and wheat which help you to reduce weight loss.

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