The first thing that comes to mind is why Bamboo sanitary pads are different from the rest.

Let’s list out what one looks for in a sanitary pad. 

a. No loose ends, i.e., leak-free 

b. No irritant chemicals 

c. Anti-bacterial 

d. Easily disposable 

e. Non-allergic 

f. Softness without sacrificing sturdiness 

g. Cost-Effective or Save Money 

h. Longevity in use, reducing frequent change, especially when traveling or working 

i. Various sizes, as well as wings with non-stick adhesive

Bamboo fibre has a relatively higher absorption capacity than the finest cotton. The bamboo sanitary pad is functionally a bamboo fleece surface underneath the exterior part of the pad designed to keep the surface dry and avoid accidental leaks in case of heavy menstrual flow. 

More beneficial to your health

Because bamboo is used, the clothing and cotton proportions are perfectly balanced, making it porous enough to serve as a micro absorbent. Chemically treated sanitary pads are typically white because plastic pads are bleached with chemicals known as dioxins.

Organic material pads do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals.

Biodegradable pads provide breathability.

People who have hypersensitive skin or are being treated for skin irritation are unable to use chemical-infused pads. In contrast to synthetic fibre pads, bio-degradable pads allow the skin to breathe while keeping you dry with an absorbent cellulose core. 

Bio-degradable pads reduce the likelihood of allergies and rashes caused by chemical-infused standard’ pads. By restricting airflow to sensitive areas, you will also reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

Bamboo fibre is an excellent choice for the top layer of a sanitary pad because it is naturally anti-bacterial with respiration spores, hypoallergenic, odour resistant, and super comfortable and not harmful to the environment

Key Ingredients

Bamboo pulp

Corn pulp

Surgical cotton

Bamboo pulp, Anion strip, surgical cotton, Corn pulp, wooden pulp.,

Direction of Use

Remove the pad from its bag and unfold the wings.

Place the back wrapper inside the undergarment.

Put the wings under the pad and you’ll have a rash-free period.

Place the used pad in a separate bag and throw it away.

Wrap it up

It is estimated that every woman uses 17000 pads during her lifetime, which must be recycled to protect the environment from global warming. Thus, by using chemical-free, eco-friendly, non-allergic, and easily compostable Bamboo sanitary pads, plastic consumption is being gradually reduced.

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