24 Herbs Hairoil for Hair Fall Resistance

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  1. Preetha Vanajothi

    Really comfortable to buy the products in lakshmi krishna . I am here to bought this products from past 2 years

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1 ) Enriched with 24 herbals.
2 ) Restores strength of hair.
3 ) Ensure strong, long and black hair.
4 ) Helps prevent hair fall and dandruff.
5 ) Increase hair volume
6 ) Stimulates hair growth
7 ) Prevent premature greying of hair
8 ) Reduce body heat
9 ) No side effects
Best for all hair type.



neem leaves

Curry leafs

No demo video

Step 1 : Take oil in preferable portion according to your hair length.

Step 2 : Massage the oil with your finger tips to ensure it reaches your scalp and all over the hair strands. Make sure to spread evenly.

Step 3 : Leave it on for 3 hours or preferably overnight for better results.Must use the oil daily to see visible results.

Step 4 : Not necessarily take hair wash everyday if you have a cold problem.

Step 5 : Wash the hair twice or thrice a week with a mild shampoo according to your convienience.

Aleovera,Hibiscus,Henna,Amla,Curry leafs,Licorice Lot,Bhringraj,Water amarnath leaves,Dill fenugreek,Cassia auriculata,Coconut milk,cow milk,Rose petals,Holy basil,Moringa leaf,neem leaves,small onion,

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